Week 4 – Analogy

What is an analogy?

Based on my understanding analogy is a mapping of something that we don’t know to something we know. For example, when we enter college we assume that we need to register for classes because we did the same thing in high school. This is exactly what analogy means.

The point that we need to take into account is that analogy can never be a perfect match. There should be different between target and resource. Otherwise that is not analogy.

What is the process of making analogy?

The first step in making analogy is to find the target first. To find the target you need to have some strategies to compares your each target with the source every time. What we normally do is that each we extract a set of features in our resource and  each target that has more features that match with our resource that is a good target. Remember that the strongest matches are the ones that match relationships.

Of course the way that we do reasoning by analogy is that we definitely do not go through every possible feature to see whether all match between target and resource. In fact,  we first extract the most important attributes of each target, then you start doing high computational stuffs on the most important attributes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of reasoning by analogy?

 – Whenever you do reasoning by analogy there is no guarantee.

 + The good thing about reasoning by analogy is that the transformation is cheap (you can easily compare things).

What is the process of reasoning by analogy?

  1. The way you define your problem (source), will determine what are the things that you have access to solve that problem.
  2. Find sources computationally–
  3. We have to know which feature map to which feature between source and target
  4. Then try to adapt and understand
  5. Store new solution



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