My Reflection on Cognitive Science Class.

This is almost end of the semester. I really think taking Cognitive science was a really good idea. I learned a lot from this course. Below is a summary of the things that I learned.

  1.  Human’s brain is crazy. There is no way to completely understand how someone’s brain is processing.
  2. Our brain is definitely working in parallel and not sequential.
  3. Emotion is the most complex concept in cognitive science. I would argue there is no logic behind emotion.
  4. Rule-based agents are normally not the most successful agents mainly because human brain is not working in the same way as rule-based agents.
  5. Learning was the most interesting and powerful concept in cognitive science. While it sounds very complicated concept, looking at the literature you will see there are many studies that did pretty amazing jobs in adapting learnability to their agents.
  6. Analogy is the easiest concept in Cognitive science. why? because it makes sense. We constantly mapping something that we don’t know to something we know. That is analogy.



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